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Our Mission

Haverstock, Koenig & Associates, Inc. (HKA) is the Midwest's leading manufacturer's representative serving the electric utility industry.  Headquartered in Carmel, IN, HKA has over 200 years of sales and marketing experience - committed to serving our customers with innovative solutions and service excellence.  

HKA maintains the highest level of integrity and honesty in our relationships with our manufacturers and customers throughout our territory. Commensurate with this commitment, we have identified our core competency as the unique ability to blend our customer’s expectations with the goals and objectives of our manufacturers.  

Over time, our corporate success has been defined by one strategic philosphy - the pledge to maintain a very limited platform of manufacturers that affords us the opportunity to remain focused on key objectives.  To this end, we will never waiver.

Company History

In 1985, Ron Haverstock, a former Alcoa salesman, founded Haverstock Electrical Sales by utilizing his background and experience to establish a presence for the company in the utility market in Indiana and Kentucky. After six years of dedication and commitment to the industry, the company expanded its territory into the state of Ohio.  

In 1995, HKA continued its expansion into Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the lower peninsula of Michigan.  Subsequent to that, HKA relocated Jason Koenig from Kentucky to Illinois and continued the company's expansion into Eastern Missouri.  

Today, HKA's corporate footprint encompasses the additional states of Wisconsin and Tennessee.  Haverstock, Koenig & Associates, Inc. employs ten outside salesmen and five customer service representatives to serve the needs of our customers in concert with the strategic objectives of our principals in the HKA territory.